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history of counselling in Kenya

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Q: History of guidance and counseling in Kenya?
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yes because they are inter related.

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The relationship between guidance and counseling and home is proportional. Through guidance and counseling, people are able to live peacefully and in full understanding with each other at home.

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Before stating the difference counseling is a subset of guidance. Out of the guidance service counseling services has been single out both guidance service and program this is because counseling is more crucial to understanding of oneself and the world. In guidance locus of control remain with the tutor but for counseling locus of control remain or moves towards the clients this means the clients is more involved at every stage of counseling In guidance tutor is information and advice giver but the counselor is a facilitator enabler not decision makers Guidance determine objective and method counseling jointly negotiate with clients in terms of agenda and methodology Guidance do assessment himself but in counselling clients participate in assessment and evaluation of problems Feeling is not important to learning in guidance but learning is seen as an emotional as well as a cognitive problem in counseling


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