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In most cases, as long as the policy owner give permission, then the policy will cover anyone who drives the car. There are exception for those who are specifically restricted by the policy to drive the vehicle.

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Q: Full coverage auto insurance protects anyone who drives car?
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What type of insurance do you need in order for anyone to be covered that drives that vehicle?

There is no such policy. All auto insurance contracts require disclosure and scheduling of all drivers for coverage.

Is anyone a canditate for auto insurance?

Yes, anyone that drives or owns a vehicle.

If someone has full coverage on their vehicle is anyone who drives it covered under his insurance?

Full coverage or not the answer is usually yes unless that person is specifically exclued by name from that policy. The person has to have permission or implied permission to be using the vehicle from the owner.

Does Broad Form Insurance cover a financed vehicle?

Broad Form auto coverage is as close as you can get to having no coverage at all. You cannot add physical damage coverage to your policy so you cannot buy this is you have a car financed. The coverage is for the named insured only and every other human on the planet is excluded. If anyone else drives there is no coverage. This is not anything that I as an insurance agent could ever recommend to someone.

Do you need extra coverage for your daughter who lives with her mother?

If she ever stays with you or drives your vehicles you need to let your insurance company know about her so that you have coverage.

Does your teen need car insurance?

Yes, anyone that drives a car needs to be insured

What protects a company if an employee drives his own car during the course of work?

It is relevant to your state insurance laws. Contact your agent!

Does everyone who drives a truck need truckers insurance?

Anyone who drives a truck must at least hold a liability insurance policy to cover injuries and damages. Additional policies are not required, but can be beneficial to the driver.

If someone drives your car and gets into an accident will your insurance go up?

The short answer is... yes. Insurance companies consider that situation to still be your responsibility, especially since insurance coverage follows the car first, driver second.

Who should be on your car insurance?

Generally speaking, just you. In the U.S. in most states, your insurance covers anyone who drives the car (in the insurance business, there is a saying, "When you loan your car, you also loan your insurance). However, if there is someone who regularly drives your car besides you, you may want to have them listed as a driver.

If a Father has motorcycle insurance on his motorcycle and his 19 year old son is not listed on the policy and drives the motorcycle would there be coverage if the son has an accident?

No, there will not be any coverage for the son as he was not listed on the policy and not paid the premium.(The coverage is for accidental damages to the driver). Bhanu

Auto accidents and insurance claims with no insurance?

well it depends where u live as auto insurance differs everywhere. But here in Ontario, when a person hits you and drives off or has no insurance, it goes under your Uninsured auto mobile coverage. and it has very limited coverage for Medical bills, and fixing ur vehicle up to 25,000 if it was a person with no insurance. if its a hit and run then u have to pay the damages to your car out of pocket. or make a claim under your collision coverage.