Fire policy in Michigan covers what?

Updated: 9/16/2023
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Each company has several different policies and each policy can cover different perils. Also, each policy can have additional endorsements which would cover more perils than a regular "bare bones" policy.

A fire policy is another name for a homeowners policy. The common basic perils are fire, storm, and theft.

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Q: Fire policy in Michigan covers what?
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Does a fire policy in Michigan cover lightning?


The standard fire policy covers what perils in new york?

fire only

What type of insurance covers fire to recover the building?

Any building property policy such as a homeowner policy or commercial property policy will cover fire damage.

What clauses should be added to the fire insurance policy to cover totally all risks?

A fire insurance policy covers "Fire". That's why it's called a fire policy. If you want more coverage then you have to step up to a homeowners insurance policy so you can get all the other coverages you want or need.

What is the different between ins policy HO2 HO4 HO6?

B"H HO2 is a type of homeowners that covers the home and usually contents for basic losses like fire, smoke, wind, etc HO4 is a renters policy that covers personal property/contents for losses like fire smoke wind theft etc HO6 is a condo/co-op policy that covers some structure (ie: walls in) and personal property for covered losses like fire, smoke, wind etc For more information please call 516-374-7700

How does comprehensive policy differ from fire policy?

There is no such thing as a comprehensive homeowners policy. What you are probably thinking of is a HO policy or Homeowners policy. Their are 2 common policy's sold that are homeowners. One is an HO-3 and the other is an HO-5. These policy's provide a wide range of coverages compared to just a DP-1 or DP-3 policy. DP is a dwelling fire policy. This provides just very basic perils on a policy. Pretty much it just covers wind, fire, weather, and a few other basic things. Mark Owner of Denvers Insurance

What is typically covered in your house insurance policy?

The typical house insurance policy covers damage to your property and personal liability coverage. Damage to your property includes fire, lightning, tornado, and hurricanes.

What caused the great Michigan fire?

Great Michigan Fire happened in 1871.

What is standard fire policy?

A fire Insurance Policy is Fire Insurance for the covered property indicated on the policy.

What covers a vehicle not due to an accident?

Comprehensive coverage on your auto policy covers fire, theft, vandalism, broken glass, animal collision, hail damage, windstorms, etc. Collision covers hitting another vehicle or object or turning the vehicle over.

If you give a family member who has their own insurance policy permission to drive your car and they get into an accident which policy covers the accident?

the policy that covers the car that is being driven.

What reason will your homeowners insurance pay for sump pump failure?

You would need to look at your policy. Typically your home insurance policy covers damages that result from the perils listed such as fire, wind, hail etc.