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175-275 USD depending on condition.

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Q: Fair market value of a used smith and Wesson 5943?
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What is the value of a Smith Wesson 5943?

about 1000

Fair market value of smith and Wesson 5943?

175-275 USD depedning on condition

What is the value of a Smith Wesson model 5943?

about 1000

Is the smith-wesson 5943 and 5946 the same size handgun?

Yes, there are the same frame.

What is the difference between a Smith-Wesson 5943 and 5943TSW?

The main difference is that the TSW slide and frame were made as a matched set and have the same assembly number on each.

How do you take a part the smith and Wesson model 5943?

Go to Smith and Wesson's website and request a manual. It's free. The instruction manual from S&W that is provided with a gun is not a good reference for taking apart a 3rd gen pistol, especially if you want to go beyond the most basic form of disassembly called field stripping. However... the 3rd gen pistol is not something to be messed around with unless you really know how the internal lockwork functions. It is one of the most complicated in terms of gun timing and relationship of parts. Having said that... there are various videos on youtube that are quite good for learning how to take down a 3rd generation S&W pistol. You can also get information by joining one of the Smith & Wesson internet forums, the best one known, with the largest membership is

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The Bold and the Beautiful - 1987 1-5943 was released on: USA: 15 November 2010

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You would like to know what year and value a browning automatic shotgun model B 5943 is going for? has sn data on their webiste under customer service. Check the on line auctions to see what they are bringing.

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No sn data published. Probably 30-60's or so

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