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It depends on what insurance it is. If you're talking about individual insurance I'm pretty sure that yes. But in cases like Business insurance, you might have to go through some authorization and forms to sign before you can actually cancel.

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Q: Does your insurance company have to cancel your policy right away if you request?
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How to cancel my progressive policy?

If you ask your insurance company to cancel your policy, they will.

Can you stop a term life insurance policy?

Yes, you can. Call the life insurance company and cancel the policy.

Will in insurance company cancel policy if you sue them?

No, the Insurance Company has no right to cancel policy even if you sue them, unless you have failed in timely renewal or did any contractual violation like concealment of facts, that can jeopardize the basic objective of an insurance policy.

How does the policy get canceled?

Lack of payment or too many collisions the insurance company has to pay for. If you want to cancel your auto insurance policy to go with another company, call your insurance company and tell them you want to cancel your insurance but be ready for them to try to persuade you to stay.

Can your insurance company cancel auto coverage after you had an accident?

If you have an accident in the first 60 days of your policy,, Yes They can cancel your policy

Can you cancel motorcycle insurance if you sell motorcycle?

Sure, you can. The insurance company should pay you a pro-rated refund after you cancel the policy.

How do you cancel empire fire and marine insurance policy?

The same as with any insurance policy. You just contact the company and inform them you would like to cancel your policy. You can also stop paying the bill.

What is the procedure to cancel an auto policy with Progressive Insurance?

How to cancel your insurance policyYou have the right to obtain insurance from any company you like. You also have the right to change companies or cancel a policy whenever you desire. Just call them up and request cancellation, tell them you no longer want or need the coverage. Most companies will honor your phone request. Some may request that you put it in writing. A fax is usually sufficient.Alternatively if the company or agent is not agreeable, Just stop paying the monthly bill, That always effects a cancellation.Lastly, You can always file a complaint with your states insurance department. The Insurance company has no right to force you to to remain covered through them. Failure to honor your cancellation request is a violation of the states insurance regulations and can subject the company to thousands of dollars in fines by the state.AnswerIn New York there are two ways: 1: Prove to them that you have other insurance2: Return the plates to the DMVIn addition to the above a written request to cancel will also be needed.

Can insurance company cancel policy after taking payment?

Base on state regulations, there are many reasons a company can cancel an insurance policy. If you paid for a year and they cancel you after 1 month, you will only be charged for 1 month of coverage and the other portion should be refunded to you.

Can a homeowner insurance company tell you to get a new roof are they will cancel your policy?

yes. They can consider the house uninsurable and cancel your policy unless you get it up to code.

Can a company cancel your life insurance?

Yes if you made a false statement to them when taking out the policy.

Can an unmarried couple with children cancel auto insurance on the other?

Yes, they can cancel all insurance on each other that the other is paying for. This can only happen if the insurance policy was created with both people as either primary or secondary policy holders. A person cannot just call or contact an insurance company and cancel their insurance without being on the policy.