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No, but whoever was driving the car...his insurance cost will increase! It is the insurance on the car that crashes thru the wall that has to pay the claim. 4lifeguild

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Q: Does your home insurance increase if a car crashes into your wall?
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How do you rescue stray cats in your wall?

If you are a home owner and have insurance, call the fire dept. They will most likely take down the wall. The insurance company will have to pay for the repair.

Will the home owners insurance cover if my vehicle hit my garage wall?

No,, That would be covered under your auto insurance policy. Homeowners insurance does not cover damages to street vehicles.

Does home owners insurance cover fireplace removal- Home inspection did not reveal significant leaking behind the wall. After removal of the wall -it was determined the chimny and fireplace be removed?

No, Your Home insurance policy does not cover the cost of remodeling a home. Your Homeowners Insurance Policy typically provides Property Hazard insurance that covers sudden losses resulting from covered perils such as fire, lightning, wind, hail, theft, vandalism, etc.

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Most policies do not cover damage caused by pest.

Does homeowner insurance cover kitchen cabinets falling off the wall?

Homeowners insurance would cover repairs for the cabinets if they fell off the wall as a result of a covered peril on your policy such as Fire, wind, hail, etc. If your cabinets fell off the wall because they were poorly installed or just old, then no, that would be a home maintenance issue.

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