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No, this is a myth. Regular waxing over time will actually make the hair grow in more thinly, though this may not be evident for some time (years).

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Q: Does waxing of chest hair cause it to grow faster?
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When you wax chest hair how long does it take to grow back?

may be it takes a week or 10 days, but why do u do waxing, do you have more hair on chest, you can go for some hair removal solutions

How do you grow chest hair faster?

theres probably some special hormones you can get, ask your doctor :)

Will waxing stop facial hair from growing?

No. Waxing can just give you a hair free day but not permanently. Hair will grow back 4-6 weeks after waxing.

When should you stop waxing your legs?

You don't have to stop, although the older you get and the more you shave, the hair will get longer, grow faster and become thicker, so really i wouldn't shave at all.

Does waxing make your eyebrow hair grow back darker?

No waxing removes the hair from root, it will grow back lighter and thinner and with continuous use, the hair root will die....

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Does waxing make hair coarser?

Waxing does not make the hair coarser. Instead, it has the opposite effect. Hairs will end up growing out finer and over time after waxing consistently, you will see that the hair will take longer to grow back and it will grow back less.

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How long does it take for hair to grow back after waxing your eyebrows?