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Yes on both accounts. The full name of the company is Unitrin Direct Auto and Home Insurance. You may want to talk to your agent regarding package deals!

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Q: Does unitrin insurance offer auto and homeowners insurance?
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What does Unitrin Direct offer to the public?

Unitrin Direct is a company that offers auto insurance and home insurance to the public at competitive rates. To get a quote, you can go to the Unitrin website.

What type of company is Unitrin Direct?

Unitrin Direct is an online auto insurance broker that is licensed in 18 states in the USA. They do not employ agents and offer all their products directly.

What companies offer bundles for auto and homeowners insurance?

There are several companies that offer bundles for auto and homeowners insurance. These companies include Wells Fargo, Nationwide, All State, and Travelers.

Does Safeauto offer home insurance along with auto insurance?

Safeauto is an insurance company that only writes personal auto insurance. Usually what they write is what is called non-standard auto insurance. They don't offer homeowners insurance as far as I know.

When was Unitrin Direct established?

Unitrin Direct is an auto insurance company that sells directly to consumers, not through insurance agents. It was established many years ago but only established a web presence in 1999.

What are some major companies that offer homeowner's insurance?

Some major companies that offer homeowners insurance include Amica Insurance, USAA Property and Casualty, and Auto-Owners Insurance. Some of the worst homeowners insurance companies include Allstate, Farmers, and Metlife.

What type of insurance does 21st Century offer?

The 21st Century insurance company offers a variety of insurances for any need. They offer auto insurance, renters and homeowners, and flood insurance.

What are some ways to receive discounts with Unitrin Car Insurance?

Unitrin is now known as Kemper Specialty Insurance. Some ways to receive discounts with Kemper include to have a dual policy of auto and home insurance and adjust the deductible amount.

What type of insurance does Ameriprise offer other than auto?

Ameriprise not only offers automobile insurance, but they also offer homeowners insurance. Their rates vary depending on the policy that you are searching for.

Can Non driver homeowners insurance be on a drivers auto insurance?

Homeowners insurance is separate from auto insurance. You may get a discount if you buy both from the same company.

Who covers an accident when it happens in your driveway homeowners or auto insurance?

Auto insurance.

Do I need to purchase GAP insurance or is that already part of the package when you buy a new car?

GAP insurance is normally offered to you when you buy a car. If it was purchased at all, that is up to you. If you do not have it then you can find someone else that offers it. A few insurance carriers offer this as part of their plan. Progressive and Unitrin offer that with their auto insurance policies.