Does uncircumcised sex hurt

Updated: 9/27/2023
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It actually should feel better than any other circumcised sex you've had. @edit: Uncircumcised sex dose not hurt, Though the four skin moving back may or may not hurt. Other wise during sexual actions it will not hurt. But the four skin can be tender when pulling it back so you might just want to make sure it only goes back ones.

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Q: Does uncircumcised sex hurt
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Sex positions uncircumcised?

Uncircumcised and circumcised men generally use the same sex positions.

Do uncircumcised men hurt on their first time?

No, but they are often more sensitive.

How does it hurt after sex?

Usually it shouldn't hurt, neither during, nor after, having sex.

Sex in hot tub does it hurt you?

No it will not hurt you.

How can an uncircumcised male get chlamydia?

Chlamydia has the same mode of transmission for circumcised and uncircumcised men. There is no difference. You can get it from oral, anal or vaginal sex; from genital-genital contact; and from being born to a woman with chlamydia.

Why does sex hurt when on top?

It shouldn't hurt. You may want to consult a doctor.

Can sex hurt a girl that is not in the puberty stage?

no it does not hurt why may i ask how old are you ?

Did mission san Jose hurt or help California?

it hurt by having sex

Does sex hurt if they go deep or fast?


Can it hurt your butt if you do it in it?

If you are talking about anal sex; yes it can, but it can hurt less with proper lubrication.

During sex is it supposed to hurt when you are not circumcised?

No, sex should not hurt. Sex may hurt if your foreskin is too tight and can not slide up and down over the head easily. For information on how to fix this with gradual stretching exercises, search on Wikianswers for "How do you stretch your foreskin?"

Why are so many uncircumcised guys gay?

more people on the planet are uncircumcised than circumcised. Therefore more gay men are uncircumcised.