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Q: Does the pilot light go out when gas is turned off?
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Why does the home gas furnace blow cold air?

Perhaps the pilot light is out and the gas has been turned off at the valve.

If a pilot light goes out in a gas water heater does the gas keep running?

No because water heaters have a safety valves and when the pilot light goes out the safety valve shuts off the gas

What is the risk of an explosion if pilot light on water heater goes out?

When pilot light goes out, gas flows out of the pilot light nozzle. If out has continued for a long time, a gas cloud can develop around the furnace. When you go to light the pilot light, you'll ignite this gas cloud and make a big fire ball. If your basement is drafty, you might never get a huge cloud of gas hovering around your furnace. When you notice that your pilot light is out, you should shut off the gas to the furnace and allow any stray gas to dissipate before you turn the gas back on and light the pilot light.

Would you smell gas if your pilot light on furnace is out?

modern heaters have a thermocouple that would shut off gas supply if the pilot goes out.

What is a thermo coupler on a cooktop?

You may mean a 'thermocouple' - this is a small metal bulb that sends a signal to the gas regulator that the pilot light is on or off. This is a safety feature that will not allow the gas regulator to open if the pilot light is off.

Does the gas keep burning if the pilot light goes off on a gas range?

It is supposed to quit burning.

Can you light a gas stove with electric pilot when the power is off?

You can but it just has to be done manually..

Do electric water heaters have pilot lights?

No, electric water heaters do not need a pilot light. The heating element is heated by an electric current (similar to the 'eye' on an electric stove or the heaters in a toaster). When the circuit is completed, electric current flows through the element, and it gets hot, and when the electricity is turned off, the element starts cooling. In a gas water heater, the pilot light is a flame, which is always burning. When it's time to heat up the water, the main gas valve is opened, and the pilot light ignites the gas, so that the main burner heats up.

How do you turn off a heater pilot light?

Same as any hot water heater. Turn the gas valve to off.

Does gas leak when the pilot light goes out on a heater?

No it shouldn't, There is a sensor that turns off the gas if the pilot flame goes out, The only way it would leak gas is if it as a faulty sensor, or a peice of depree gets in the gas line

Can ovens pose a fire hazard if the pilot light goes out or is that a problem from the past?

Ovens are a great fire risk if the pilot light dies. Immediately turn off the gas if this happens.

What is the problem if your gas fireplace does not come on even though the gas is working in the rest of the house and you hear a clicking sound?

To me it sounds like your pilot light on the fireplace is out. That could happen from a strong wind coming down the chimney or a strong breeze in the house from a fan. Check your pilot light and be sure to have the gas off before lighting the pilot light if it is out.