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Is your son insured on your policy?

If you answered yes then yes it will.

Did he crash your car or get picked up while driving your car? Then yes

If he is not insured on your policy, did not have an incident with a vehicle of yours then it should not.

But there are some strange rules concerning people that live with you

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Q: Does the DUI of my son affect my auto insurance?
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How does your son DUI effect your insurance?

If he is on your policy it may result in increased premiums.

How will my son's dui's affect insurance?

If the carrier runs his motor vehicle report before the renewal (some do not) then his rates should increase. If shopping for new insurance they will rate him for that infraction and will usually return a higher quote.

Can you drop your son from your insurance if he gets convicted of DUI he does not have a car?

You can drop anyone that is listed as a driver on a car you own and pay for insurance on for any reason. Depending on your insurance company this may avoid them raising the premium on that car due to his DUI.

Who is liable if your son wrecks your auto?

If it was his fault then he is or your insurance if he is included on it.

How do i remove my 18 yr old son from my Geico auto insurance in Florida?

Telephone the insurance company.

Who has the cheapest auto insurance for teenagers?

allsate i think but this article shpould help

How can you find out if your X-wife is paying for auto insurance for your son to drive?

ask her

If YOU live in a different state can you still be on my parents insurance?

my son is on my auto insurance policy but he has moved to florida and I live in Michigan. Can he still be covered on my auto policy if he now lives in florida?

Do i need to buy auto insurance if my son IS IN COLLEGE AND HAS NO CAR?

well do you have a car do you have insurance. your son my not need it. but if you have a car you have to have it, even though its against your contsatutonal rights but are government is horrabily evil

If your son got license suspended due to DUI should you remove from your insurance?

Yes, if your son doesn't have a license, he has no business driving. Take off the insurance unless someone else drives it. If your son was the only one driving it, it would make no sense to insure a car just in the dirveway.

Does your son with learner's permit needs auto insurance?

Anyone driving a motor vehicle needs to be on an insurance policy. Contact your insurance carrier and have him added to your policy, or purchase a policy for him, whichever is cheaper.

If you have an accident while driving another person's car will your insurance or the owner's pay the claim?

Auto Insurance follows the car not the driver. My son's girlfriend was driving his car when they where in an accident and his insurance was responsible.