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Q: Does state farm homeowners ins cover lost dentures?
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Does homeowners insurance State Farm cover damage from nesting raccoons?


Will state farm homeowners insurance cover a rusted chimney cap?

No. A homeowners insurance policy does not ever ever cover maintenance of your home. A rusted chimney cap is definitely a maintenance issue. I have had to replace one in the last few years.

Are Boat Houses covered under an Home Owners Policy?

State Farm homeowners policies cover boats stored at residence for up to $1,000.

Does State Farm have decent rates on homeowners insurance?

State Farm has extremely competitive prices and rates when it comes to homeowners insurance. If one does run into a problem when it comes to purchasing the insurance, State Farm also does beat competitors rates.

Can State Farm raise deductible on homeowners insurance with your consent?


Does a state farm homeowners policy cover trampolines?

State Farm is one of the few insurance companies that will cover trampolines, but there might be an additional charge. You would definitely have to check the fine print of your individual policy to know for sure though. Make sure trampolines aren't excluded from your existing coverage and if they are call them and see if they'll cover it.

Does State Farm sell homeowners insurance?

"State Farm does indeed offer homeowners insurance. They also offer car insurance, renter's insurance, and a variety of other services to most states in the United States."

Will homeowners insurance not cover a child's stolen motorbike and only ATVs if they service the property?

you are correct homeowners will not cover a motorbike, that is a policy by itself. as for the ATV, it would have to be used for farm or other type work, not personal, to be covered on homeowners. again, ATV insurance is a policy of its own as well.

Will my state farm auto insurance cover a rental car in Puerto Rico?

I was told by a State Farm Agent that they do not cover rental cars in Puerto Rico.

Does state farm cover sugar in the tank?


Is there any companys that do homeowners insurance estimates?

There are several companies that offer homeowners insurance. Allstate and State Farm are two of many companies. If you look in your yellow pages, you can find several insurance companies offering homeowners insurance.

Does State Farm auto insurance cover a rental truck?

Does my policy cover rental trucks