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yes he did with me

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Q: Does skandar keynes kissed a girl?
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Does skandar ever kissed a girl?

shandar has never kissed a girl

The birthday of skandar keynes?

Skandar Keynes' birthday is 09/05

What is the birth name of Skandar Keynes?

Skandar Keynes's birth name is Alexander Amin Casper Keynes.

What is skandar keynes's favorite food?

Skandar Keynes likes pizza and subway.

When was Skandar Keynes born?

Skandar Keynes was born on September 5, 1991.

What is Skandar Keynes's birthday?

Skandar Keynes was born on September 5, 1991.

What does skandar keynes look for in a girl?

good personality and good humor

Where is skandar keynes house?

Can we see a picture of skandar keynes house.

Skandar Keynes would date an Indian girl?

Skandar Keynes is an English actor who has been acting professionally since 2001. He hasn't said anything publicly to suggest that he would not date an Indian girl.

What does skandar keynes weigh?

Skandar Keynes weight is unknown. Skandar is 20 years old and is from London, England. Skandar is most known for appearing in Narnia.

What does skandar keynes like in a girl?

Probably a girl with a good sense's of humor and a good personality.

What was Skandar Keynes's character's name in Narnia?

Skandar Keynes played the character of Edmund in the Narnia movies.