Does sex feel good for a woman?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Yes, it is the cause of women's physical pleasure.. Adult Toys store from loveteaser store.

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Yes if it's done right.

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Q: Does sex feel good for a woman?
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How do women feel after a one night stand?

I'm not a woman, but I can assume they feel used, how would you feel if you were a woman and used strictly for sex and then dumped?Some women surely seek out one-night stands; I imagine how they feel depends upon how good or bad the sex was.

Do men flirt because they like to feel good about themselves?

Men flirts because they wants to be recognized by the opposite sex. Also, feel good about themselves and self-confidence. If the woman approve of his flirting, the second phase is that, he will get your trust to do sex with him.

Does rubbing a guys dick feel good?

Yes it should if you were a man and it is called masteurbation and men do it when woman dont want to have sex with them

What is the best way to get laid?

man + woman + alcohol = good time I believe it's trust and when use both feel that you are ready to have sex

How would feel a women involving in sex?

Sex is normally very pleasant, both for the man and for the woman.

What do you do when you want to feel good?

you have good long sex

Does sex feel good to a girl?

yea it does alot feel so good to a girl

How do you make a women feel good?

Sex :)

How does a woman feel after squirting?


Can women feel in their vaginas when a man has sex with them?

While I am not a woman myself, I understand that women can enjoy sex quite a lot, so it seems logical that they will feel something.

If you are a man you feel attracted to a boy the boy feels attracted to the same person they have Sex what will it feel like?

Dpends on how they feel about it afterwards. Was it just sex, probaly feel guilt. Was there more then sex, it could be quite good feeling.

What kind of sex and sex positions do?

Rough sex. To the man, is always good to get her into four and for woman, a position where she can grind the guy.