Does sarcasm cause wrinkles

Updated: 9/19/2023
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It could depending on how you express it. I know when I'm sarcastic I tend to raise my eyebrows which gives me horizontal forehead wrinkles.

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Q: Does sarcasm cause wrinkles
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How much caffeine will not cause wrinkles?

Any amount of caffeine has the possibility to cause wrinkles. Other factors contribute to wrinkles such as smoking, sun exposure, and age.

Will typing cause wrinkles I type a lot on my ccomputer and my friend says it can give hand wrinkles it it true?

No. Hand wrinkles are normal and you can't get wrinkles from typing.

When you make a bed and you don't smooth out all the wrinkles will sleeping on them cause back aches?

Those would have to be some awfully big wrinkles to cause a backache!

What causes under eye wrinkles?

If you are a habitual smoker, chances are you will get wrinkles under your eyes. Being out in the sun too long can also cause eye wrinkles. You can also get under eye wrinkles if your eyes spasm.

How computer may cause pimples and wrinkles?

it can cause by sitting for hours on computer!

Can obesity cause wrinkles?

yes it stretches out your skin

Do vacuum storage bags cause permanent wrinkles in clothes?

Any wrinkles form vacuum storage bags can easily be ironed out as necessary.

What is better botox or restylane for wrinkles?

You may need both Botox to relax the muscles which cause the wrinkles and Restylane to fill furrows and grooves.

What does Wrinkles in the bed linens may cause?


The MOST serious problem that wrinkles in the bedclothes can cause?

Decubitus ulcers

Do you get wrinkles when you yawn?

Virtually all facial expressions cause wrinkles to form. That is one reason using some injected chemicals for wrinkles freeze a muscle or three and cause that person to be ubable to make certain facial expressions. Wrinkles, and dry skin, can be eased by thorough cleansing every night, using facial moisturizer, and using an eye moisturizer.

Use sarcasm in a sentence?

The Sarcasm was great. Without Sarcasm he was boring.