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Rubbing your stomach makes it feel better because it helps you connect with your mental and physical senses.

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Q: Does rubbing your stomach really make it feel better and why?
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Does rubbing clits really work?

Hell yeahh it feels good actually just rub it on something and youll feel better:)

Does peanut butter really make you feel better when your stomach is upset?

Peanut butter is not recommended for upset stomachs.

What can dogs see spirits better than humans?

They don't really see spirit's. more like feel them. Like when you do something wrong you feel it in the pit of your stomach.

Can you feel the lump from cancer on your stomach?

NO! like really

Is it safe rubbing ice on stomach to relief itch during pregnancy?

Yes, the baby can´t feel the ice if that is what worries you.

How do anticid tablets make you feel better?

They make you feel better, because they get rid of the acid in your stomach that you don't need and this would be neutralizing the acid in your stomach to make you feel better. When the antacid tablet goes into your stomach if fights the acid and gets rid of it. Gaviscon is a type of antacid tablet.

When rubbing a womans breasts does it feel better if you rub her nipples and does it feel better if you squeeze them too?

ofcourse yes i like that, by the way who are you can we meet?

Can you eat while you have an upset stomach?

You can but most people dont like to eat because it sometimes !!! makes it feel wores but sometimes you might feel better !!!Hope you feel better soon if you got an upset stomach !!!

Does rubbing your child's belly make them feel better?

If there's any benefit, it's psychosomatic.

Will rubbing my prostate help make your orgasms feel better?

well There is only one way to find out!

What does the stomach feel like when you are 1 week pregnant?

I do not think you can really feel it until more time has passed.

How does it feel to a guy when he's inside a girl?

It feels really, really good. It feels like something is rubbing up and down on the insides of your vagina, And for a guy I guess it feels like a hand job, Like someone if rubbing you...