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Q: Does rohypnol leave permanent damage to the brain?
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Can chickenpox leave you with brain damage?

yes, you can be left with unbelievable and permanent brain damage that can end up spreading throughout your body, you should see a doctor.From my experience, no it doesn't it just makes you itchy, ALOT! So be careful what you do and who you touch.

Does leprosy leave permnent damage?

Yes, leprosy causes permanent loss of feeling in limbs, leaving the person more vulnerable to accidentally hurting themselves. This can cause permanent damage.

How much damage can a bat do to the face?

Well it depends on how strong the force if it was a strong blow it could leave permanent deformities on the face with the bone structures might have concaved inside your skull with the fact you could be blind it the bone fragments hit your eyes or with such force your eyes will give way by the force and the result is blindness and you could also have broken teeth and jaw if hit there and if hit on the forehead it could leave it severely fractured you would be unconscious with permanent brain damage or death in some cases

Is black death chronic or acute?

Chronic because with out treatment you would die. with treatment it would still leave you with permanent damage with acute side effects. lol

Does tuberculosis leave permanent damage?

It depend on the severity of the disease. In most cases it can be healed completely. But in severe ones, the damage is permanent and nothing can be done to remove it. For instance, the pulmonary tuberculosis can be healed, but if it has developed fibrosis of the pulmonary organ, it cannot be undone. For more information you can read <a href="">Tuberculosis symptoms</a>.

how important is it to see a doctor about my chronic dry eye?

It is very important to contact your doctor about chronic dry eyes. If you leave them dry, you can be causing some permanent damage to your eyeball and cornea.

What is the effect of dangers of drugs abuse?

it could leave to mental problems as well as physical challenges you may also retain brain damage depending on the drug you abuse

Do crack cause a miscarriage?

It is more likely to leave the baby brain damaged or physically damaged.

Does copperheads hurt worse than daisy bbs?

First of all you should not be shooting each other with a BB gun. The bb are the same in weight and will do the same damage. It can leave a permanent scar or injury.

What age should you take ecstasy pills?

When you believe you're ready. Never, if you want to keep all of your brain cells. When you believe you're ready... Yes. Leave it at that though, theres no proof what so ever that ecstasy costs you any permanent brain damage. In fact the only effect it has on the brain is the temporary lowering of your seratonin levels, which will return 100% to normal after 2-3 weeks of abstinence.

Why did Franklin D Roosevelt leave politics?

Polio and permanent paralysis

Why doesn't damage in the right visual cortex result in blindness of the right eye?

The right side of the brain controls the left side of the body. Also the optic nerves cross over when they leave the eyes.