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Yeah of course the carbon dioxide and gas affect your body. You start getting bloated of all the bad ingredients too.

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Q: Does pop make you bloated
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Will doing crunches make you bloated?

Doing crunches won't make you bloated, it will help burn belly fat and gain abs. Eating junk food will make you bloated and fat.

What makes you bloated?

Eating Processed foods, drinking alcohol, and smoking would make you bloated.

Does protein make you feel bloated?

No, eating foods that contain protein does not make you feel bloated. Carbohydrates do that. Protein-rich foods make you feel fuller for longer.

Does having Microalbuminural make you feel like you are bloated?

when I drink water or a fluid I feel bloated in my kidneys, is the part of Microalbuminuria.

Do grapes make you bloated?

i just had a bowl of grapes and iam bloated also when i drink red wine the same thing happens....

Can thrush cause you to have a bloated stomach?

no, you can only be bloated when you have your period no, you can only be bloated when you have your period

How do you use the word bloated in a sentence?

She felt bloated today.The bloated body had been in the water for weeks.

What causes hamsters to be bloated?

If a hamster is bloated you probably overfed it!

How do you bloated in a sentence?

He felt bloated after eating two dinners.

How early in pregnancy do you get bloated?

There is no absolute answer. Some women get bloated just before a period and they will get bloated just the same but no period will come because they are pregnant so they stay bloated . Some women don't get bloated at all. I don't, lucky me.

Does Midol lighten your period?

Answer: No, it only make you go pee, so you're not as bloated.

If a guy ejaculates inside of you can it make you feel bloated?

It always happens to me after I have sex with my boyfriend.

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