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Q: Does orange effect anything in your body?
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What types of soda have the worst effect on your body?

grape,cream,orange,and coke

What is the effect of adding orange juice to the enzyme catalase?

There is not much of an effect when you add orange juice to the enzyme catalase. If anything, a slight buttermilk odor will be produced, and the weight of the sample will change.

Does orange juice turn alkaline in the body?

Yes, while orange juice itself is acidic it has an alkalizing effect during digestion.

What makes a drug a drug?

anything that has a physical or mental effect on your body.

Does HCG ultra drops have side effects?

Anything Unnatural is bad for your body and have the side effect Anything... .

Is there anything that is orange and has a J in it?

orange juice

What is mono orange josis?

it is where you cannot see anything that is orange

Which fruit doesn't rhyme with anything?


How does marijuana effect the organ system?

Marijuana alone has no effect on your body, but smoking anything is bad for your lungs (respiratory system) and kills brain cells (nervous system)

When you eat too many tomatoes and acid?

too much of anything is never good, it will always effect the body in a negative way. acid may actually effect the brain as well. it can destroy many cells within the body.

How did hurricane kate rina effect pollution?

orange in the Mexican language orange in the Mexican language

How might the fever effect a body?

the fever effects the head to the point where you start sweating a lot. it can effect other parts of the body and you don't really feel good and you don't want to do anything. you might want to go see a doctor