Does laughter help Respiration

Updated: 9/14/2023
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your mama is conor

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Q: Does laughter help Respiration
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Can laughter hurt you?

No, Infact laughter is really good for you it help's you burn calories and is good for your heart and you.

How can you use a sentence using laugh and laughter?

With all the laughter in the classroom, the teacher couldn't help but laugh along.

Why does every living organism depend on respiration?

laughter and a lot of tea for the da,hfdskufhaigrwbf

What is a cowring?

help i am in a dark room and i can hear laughter and the sharpening of knives

What is the similarities between cellular respiration and respiration?

they are both proccesses to help homeostasis

Why is laughter is beast medicine?

Medical science has proven that laughter is a good way to help depressed people for example. The laughter releases certain chemicals that effect the body and brain. A positive attitude is always good for good health.

Is laughter countable or uncountable?

The noun 'laughter' is an uncountable noun. Units of laughter are expressed in amounts such as some laughter, a lot of laughter, much laughter, etc.

Does laughter really help us to stay healthy?

Yes, it does, as many studies have shown.

What life process do flowers help plants to carry out?

they help with respiration

What do Gelotologist do?

A gelotologist specialises in gelotology, the study of humour, laughter and the exercising of the gelastic muscles, a deeply serious exploration of what happens to our bodies' physical systems, such as respiration and circulation, when we're exposed to humour.

What is laughter without love?


What sentence can you make with the word 'laughter?

Laughter is a beautiful sound. I was angered by his laughter after I fell.