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Does it hurt the engine? Yes and no. It won't hurt to run the engine for a while. But running without a fan shroud seriously reduces the efficiency of the cooling system. Consider the shroud on a rad as a type of straw. Without it you won't suck much air through the rad. At slower speeds this will probably end up as an overheat situation. If the vehicle came with one, use it.

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Q: Does it hurt to run a vehicle without a fan shroud?
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Does the fan shroud have to be removed on a 1994 Ford Aerostar in order to install new fan belts?

No but sometimes it makes it easier The serpentine belt is easily removed without removing the fan shroud This has to be accomplished by using a tensioner wrench

How do you remove fan shroud on 2004 gmc envoy?

How do you remove the fan shroud on a 2004 get envoy

How do you remove fan blade on 2001 dodge ram 1500?

# Disconnect negative battery cable # Remove the serpentine drivebelt # Remove the coolant reservoir from the fan shroud and set it aside without draing the tank or disconnecting the hose # Disconnect the electrical connectors at the windshield washer reservoir and remove the reservoir from the fan shroud # Remove the fan shroud mounting bolts # A special 36mm fan wrench is required to remove the cooling fan can get at most auto parts stores

When installing a fan shroud should the entire fan blade be inside the shroud or just half of the blade width?

At least half.

How do you remove the cooling fan shroud from a 2000 Chevy cavalier?

The 2000 Chevy Cavalier cooling fan shroud is held in place with 10 retaining bolts. Remove the retaining bolts and the cooling fan shroud will come off.

How do you know if your 1973 beetle has a generator or an alternator?

a generator is the same diameter all the way to the fan shroud and usually has a voltage regulator fastened to the fan shroud where a alternator is bigger where the pulley goes than where it goes into the fan shroud

How do you put on the fan shroud on 1999 Dakota?

funny thing mine inst even on after i changed the water pump, u will have to remove the fan then lower the shroud and fan at the same time and put ur 4 bolts back into the shroud.

1999 ford f150 removing fan shroud?

To remove the fan shroud from the 1999 Ford F150 you need a user manual to guide you.

Ford Taurus radiator removal?

It depends on the year and if it is a stock model or Sho of the vehicle. It is best to purchase a repair manual for the specific vehicle. Usually you have to remove fan, transmission cooler, fan shroud, and then can remove the hoses and mounting bolt and pull it out the top.

How do you fix a 94 Chevy s10 that makes clicking noises?

Location of clicking sound not stated but: My 95 S-10, 4.3L engine was clicking when it was running. Turned out to be the fan tapping against the fan shroud, motor mounts were wearing, causing fan to hit this shroud. This may be your problem but you didn't state what area of vehicle sound comes from.

What should the degree of timing be for a 1994 Chevy truck with a 350 engine?

If this vehicle has the factory fan shroud it should say on it if you can still read the stickers on top of it.

How close should the cooling fans be to the radiator for effectiveness?

If it has a properly fitted fan shroud, it doesn't matter how close the fan blades are to the radiator. If there is no fan shroud the fan blades will have to be within a couple of inches of the radiator.