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Q: Does it feel good for a girl to b fingered on her period?
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Does sex feel good to a girl?

yea it does alot feel so good to a girl

Does girl feel good on intercourse?


Does girl on girl feel good?

Well it subjective, If you like girls and like at slow sensitive foreplay then girl on girl should be good for you.

Is eating a girl out really feel good to her?

if done right, yes it does feel very very good.

Is it good to ask a girl about her period?

it is very bad

How does a guy feel hugging a girl?

Some of them might feel good, and some of them probably not feel ok.

How do most girls feel after there first kiss?

Girl feel good :)

Good things did Richard 3rd did in life?

he fingered his beloved jonjo

Is it supposed to feel good when a girl cums?

For a guy and girl yes it is. The girl will feel a full body almost spasm and chills down your back. And you'll hear slurping sounds and feel it get wet. The guy will feel it get wet suddenly, and will experience a suction for a couple seconds, so very good.

How does it feel when a girl comes?

I just feel so good and that's it.. I don't feel like I have to per or squirt none of that

What food is good for a girl who gets her period for the first time?

A takeaway!

What does it feel like to be sexually aroused as a girl?

it feels good ok!!!