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No it's just a painkiller

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Q: Does ibruprofen make your throat feel better?
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How do you make strep throat feel better?

Go to the doctor

Can Gatorade get rid of strep throat?

Gatorade won't get rid of strep throat, but it may make it feel better.

Does eating chicken soup really make you feel better faster?

yes, the warmth eases down your throat and makes you feel better

What can you use to make a sore throat feel better?

Drink tea and take antibiotics

Why does cold water make a sore throat worse?

Cold water actually should help make the sore throat feel better due to a numbing affect.

Your throat feels like there is salt in your throat What do you do to make your throat feel better?

I am looking too! So far the best one I have found is gurgling aboust half a teaspoon of salt in a cup of warm water gurgle but don't swallow makes you feel better for 1/2 hour- 3 hours

Is it safe to smoke weed when sick?

Usually it makes you feel better but with a bad throat coughing will make you hurt bad

When you have a sore throat are you allowed an ice cream?

Absolutely! In fact, ice cream is widely recognized as a sore throat soother. By no means does it cure the ailment, but it does make it feel better!

Does flem in your throat make you feel nauseas?


If you have strep throat can you still eat ice cream and soup?

Yes, it is okay to eat ice cream and soup during a strep throat infection. It might even make you feel better.

Can garlic capsules make you feel sick on the stomach?

if you'r taking this for your throat to get better tes but these capsules may effect your stomach Dr.Aparna Joshi

Who will make you feel better when your ill?

A doctor will make you feel better when your ill because he/she mite give you medicine.