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you would have too read up on what your specific plan covers. or call you insurance agency

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Q: Does home owners insurance cover skunk smell in house?
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Does homeowners insurance cover skunk damage to duct work under your house. A skunk is not defined as a rhodent or varment?

Damage from animals is not a covered cause whether or not it is caused by a rodent or varmint.

Will home owners insurance pay to replace cloths after a skunk sprays your house?

Not very likely, You can buy odor neutralizers at most drug stores for less than $30.00 you can use in the wash cycle that will get rid of the odor. Most home insurance policies have a deductible that starts at $500.00 or more.

Can a house have a skunk smell without a skunk?


Does your homeowner insurance cover if a skunk sprays under your house?

Home Insurance for Skunk Vandal?No. A skunk is not a vandal. it is a pest and this is a maintenance issue. If your home foundation is properly skirted and vented a skunk could not get under it. Also a skunk odor is a temporary odor that will dissipate usually in a few days or a week or two at most. It may be a nuisance but it is not a covered peril under the terms of a homeowners insurance policy.If you want to get rid of the odor a little faster just throw some tomato juice around wherever you think the skunk sprayed. It should accelerate the dissipation of the odor. It would not make since for an insurance company to spend thousands of dollars in claims adjustment time just to send someone to your home to spray around with a 5 dollar bottle of tomato juice.If you insist they do this then they will probably cancel or non-renew your home insurance policy due to a nuisance claim.AnswerWell, a skunk sprayed in my house! And I do believe it should be covered under the vandalism clause. As of now they are saying no but have yet to respond to me regarding it being covered under the vandalism clauseAnswerThe only way would be if someone purposely put a skunk in your home knowing it would spray.

Is skunk damage to your house covered by your homeowners insurance?

It depends on what the skunk damaged and whether or not vermin or pests are a covered peril under your policy. If it's an odor problem then likely it's not covered, Skunk Odor dissipates on it's own. Just contact your insurance agent and ask them if your covered, that's the easiest way to find out.

How do you trap skunk?

use a live trap that is covered baited with chicken, the cover is for the fact a skunk will spray when it sees you DO NOT LIFT COVER!!!

How do you trap a skunk?

move very slowly and cover the trap with a pool liner so when it sprays it wont get on you

What should you do if you have a two-story house with two fireplaces and they have a strong skunk odor?

Get rid of the skunk, maybe?

If a skunk gets in your house and sprays your furniture is it covered?

This is easy, NO.

Will insurance pay if a skunk sprays your house?

Skunk Inflicts Odorous Damage to HomeThe cost of a few bottles of deodorizers, neutralizers and sanitizers along with a good scrubbing will do as much as anyone else could do and it's likely far below your Policy deductible. I'd just go spend a hundred dollars on a variety of cleaners and odor removers and then air out that area of the house as much as possible, throw out anything that was absorbent. Probably still less than the deductible. Not to mention the possibility of an increased premium at renewal time due to prior claims and a loss of any claim free discounts.AnswerTo add, to that response, it depends on your insurance company. The standard exclusion under almost every homeowner's policy with regards to this: "birds, vermin, rodents, insects, or animals owed or kept by an insured".... Read between the lines- its not an absolute animal exclusion as original response suggests. Pull your policy and read it. AnswerSo, a skunk is not a bird, rodent, insect, nor an animal kept by you (I would hope), BUT, they MAY be considered "vermin". Now, I have had 2 clients with the same claim (skunk contamination), one insurance company covered it, but the other did not. The one that did not cover it felt skunks fell under the "vermin" definition. If your insurance company defines skunk as vermin, i would suggest you find a new insurer. Even worse, if they try to invoke the "pollutant" exclusion, fight them on it! The company that covered the skunk claim has a 5 letter name, begins with "C" and ends with "B"... Source- 10 years insurance industry experience.

What would dig large hole next to house and eat bees?

A skunk

How do you remove a live skunk from your house?

Call fish and game or animal rescue