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Never, foundation always excluded from policy, to much of a risk for insurance companies to cover foundation.

AnswerFoundations, even concrete ones do move and settle continually for the life of a structure. It's generally expected and normal and is not considered a structural problem for most.

Coverage for Ground Movement is readily available in California and certain other markets where earthquakes are common. Although typically excluded elsewhere, the coverage can still be added by endorsement to a homeowners insurance policy in most parts of the U.S. by those companies who offer it.

Coverage for foundation damage that is the result of poor construction is generally not covered. Build quality issues are addressed by the builder.

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Q: Does home insurance cover foundation problems?
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Does your home owners insurance cover your foundation?


If your home is settling only on one side causing damage to the slab foundation interior walls and floors with no previous problems will your home owners insurance cover the damage?

This is an easy one, NO.

Will homeowners insurance cover damaged the foundation settling caused by drought?

No. Movement of earth is specifically excluded by homeowners insurance. This is the fault of the builder for not compacting the earth properly and providing the proper foundation. Home insurance was not made to cover such.

Will homeowner's mortgage insurance pay for failing drainage pipes under foundation?

Mortgage InsuranceNo, Mortgage Insurance is NOT Homeowners Insurance. Mortgage Insurance does not cover your home at all.Mortgage Insurance covers your finance note, not your home.

Will home owners insurance cover a cracked sewer line in your foundation?

That would depend on your policy JUST like what type of car insurance you have.

Does your home insurance cover elctrical problems?

This depends on what you mean by electrical problems. Home insurance is not made to handle maintenance of your home as this is your responsibility. Insurance is made to take care of sudden and accidental occurrences where the damage is due to a covered cause.

Does homeowner's insurance cover house foundation damage?

Most home insurance policies do not cover normal and expected ground settling. However, you can check your policy or telephone your insurance agent and find out if you have coverage for ground movement.

Does homeowners insurance cover a foundation?

Home building insurance will generally cover everything that forms part of the building, including the foundation. You need to ensure that you have your home insured for enough to completely rebuild your house if it was completely destroyed. Most insurance companies will have a provision for removal of debris from the site, but it is worth checking as you may need to increase the sum insured to cover costs associated with removing the remains of your home before rebuilding can begin if there is a total loss.

Does Home Owners Insurance cover foundation repair?

It depends on how the foundation was damaged and whether or not it was done by a covered cause or not. If a vehicle runs off the road and hits your home then it would be . covered whether or not the person had insurance. If the person did not have insurance, your homeowners policy covers damage caused by a vehicle. If the damage was caused by settling of the home and this caused the foundation to crack then no, the homeowner's insurance will not pay for this repair because it was caused by lack of properly putting in the foundation correctly or a lack of maintenance. Maintenance is never covered by your homeowner's insurance policy. Maintenance is the responsibility of the homeowner and it is never ending.

What type of insurance will cover a person home iF the owner dies?

Homeowners Insurance is what you need to cover a home.

Why don't insurers cover foundational repairs when it seems that the foundation is the most critical part of a home?

Foundational Repair CoverageBecause foundation problems are caused mostly by land movement (settling). Every concrete foundation, slab, driveway, sidewalk patio or structure will naturally develop cracks over time, (normal wear and tear) and all insurance companies have exclusions that specifically state no coverage under general homeowners for land movement. Some flood policies would cover it though if it was water that caused the earth to move. Also earthquake insurance will cover if it was a quake or aftershock that cause a home to slip or crack.

Is insurance more expensive for a home with an open foundation?