Does gauging your ears hurt

Updated: 9/14/2023
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Stretching your ear safely shouldn't cause sharp pain or bleeding. These are signs that you're trying to stretch your ears too quickly.

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Q: Does gauging your ears hurt
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Is it normal for ears to throb after gauging them?

yes it is it could be your ears are sensitive or their just starting to get bad ear infections either way go get them checked out.

Were does gauge earings go?

uhm tis is kinda weird...but in your ears lol but you can gauge lotsa things other than just your ears n btw gauging your ears hurts...

Does it hurt to get your ears piecerd?

for most people it does hurt to get your ears pierced.

What size comes after inch and half ear gauging?

First of all, to gauge something is to measure it. You are STRETCHING your ears, not GAUGING them. The next size is 1 9/16", then 1 5/8", then 1 3/4"

When did you get your ears pierced Were you scared Did it hurt?

at beauty mart and no I wasn't scared when I had my ears pieced and it did hurt

What if your child's earring hole stretched will it grow back?

If your child is gauging their ears it will heal back if they do not go past a 0'0 gauge.

Do you have to pierce your ears before gauging them?

You do. You should let them heal compleltely before starting to stretch them. You will have to wait about 6 months. ISH.

Why do your ears hurt when you come on a aircraft?

your ears hurt when you are in an aircraft because of the change in air pressure when you are in the air

Does gauging your ears affect your health?

Of couse! You could lose your hearing, get STAPH or MRSA, and you could lose your ear to infection! ^^that is not true.if you stretch your ears properly and take care of them,you will have no problems.i have my ears stretched to 1 1/2 and im perfectly healthy

Can wisseling hurt your ears?


Defenation of noise?

when your ears hurt

Does It hurt when you get your ears done?

Don't no