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yes but you can keep your weight under control by watching your carbohydrate intake.

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Q: Does gallbladder surgery cause weight gain?
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Are you going to gain weight after gallbladder surgery?

Yes. You may gain weight after your problem is solved. But then with proper counselling, you can maintain or reduce the weight, as per your requirement.

Does surgery cause weight gain?

yes but you can keep your weight under control by watching your carbohydrate intake.

Does soda cause weight gain?

yes it does cause weight gain!

does lantus cause weight gain?

does lantus cause weight gain

does Apidra cause weight gain?

does Apidra cause weight gain?

Does the lap band surgery prevent weight gain?

Lap-band surgery is probably the most preffered way to lose weight out of most other surgery procedures. It does not prevent weight gain, but it does help you with weight loss.

What weight fluctuation may occur after pallidotomy surgery?

Most patients gain weight after surgery.

Can chlamydia cause weight gain?

While people with chlamydia may gain weight, chlamydia does not itself cause weight gain.

Where can I learn more about gastric bypass surgery and weight gain?

If you are looking for information on gastric bypass surgery and or weight gain this website would be the right one.

Will i gain some weight after a gastric bypass?

If you have had Gastric Bypass surgery your doctor has already told you and reviewed with you how to eat after surgery. If you do not follow the diet your doctor has set out for you, you are going to gain weight. Follow the diet and you will not gain weight.

Air conditioning on can cause weight gain?

no it can make you gain weight!

Does actos cause weight gain?

Yes, the medication named Actos can in fact cause weight gain. In fact, it even states on its 'side effects' that it 'may cause weight gain'.