Does everything have knees

Updated: 9/22/2023
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No. My didjeridoo does not have knees. Neither does my can opener.

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Q: Does everything have knees
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How do you say blue in Bangladesh?

neelpronounced like kneel, when your on your knees and everything

Why was Ada lovelace famous?

Because of everything she had been through ans she got on them knees :)

What do you do when you get on your knees and pray?

i read up on the meaning of getting on one knee and proposing to your girlfriend and getting on both knees when praying to God. When you get on one knee to propose you are showing her that you submit to her, but also stand ready. Getting on both knees signifies complete and total submission to God. Your life and everything in it you submit to God. Hope this helps

What type of injuries does an NFL player face?

Just about everything you can imagine ... broken bones, sprained ankles and knees, torn ligaments in ankles and knees, separated shoulder, concussion, pulled muscles (usually hamstrings and groins), and the dreaded turf toe.

Do giraffes have knees?

Yes, giraffes do have knees.

What is Genuphobia?


When was On My Knees created?

On My Knees was created in 411.

Do dwarfs have knees?

Yes, dwarfs do have knees.

Do Eskimos have knees?

Eskimos are humans, humans have knees. Unless you were born with a disablilty or had a freak accident, you have knees.

Is Oobi character on their knees or standing up?

In the knees

What position should you immediately place a casulty that has an abdominal wound?

On his or her back with their knees flexed

Why was James called old camel knees?

The Apostle James was so dedicated to prayer that it is said that his knees were calloused from time spent in prayer--on his knees. He prayed so long and so much that his knees were known as the camels knees