Does every male have smegma

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Yes and so does every female, Smegma is particularly noticeable when it is formed under the male foreskin as it is among the labia and genital folds of the woman because skin particles are constantly being shed in addition to several other secretions that are produced by the mucous membrane in those areas. most men and women would hardly notice its presence as it simply rinses away with normal bathing. It would be less noticeable in circumcised men because anything produced would be rubbed of onto the underwear. smegma is a normal product of the body and is washed away from under the retractable foreskin, but remains perfectly harmless if under the non retractable foreskin.

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Q: Does every male have smegma
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Can smegma be sexually transmitted?

Smegma cannot be transmitted. It is normal to have smegma, and it isn't contagious, everyone (male or female) has smegma eventually, due to buildup. However, you can temporarily prevent it by rinsing it with warm water. Smegma is actually helpful, as it is a moisturizer. However, if there is too much buildup, it can harden and will be painful.

Can you catch smegma if you wear a person's underwear who has it---overnight?

Smegma is not a disease that you can catch. Â?It is a normal and natural substance found under the male foreskin, where it has a protective function.Other normal and natural bodily secretions include ear wax and tears. Â?

Why does my smegma smell like old milk?

Smegma is a fluid produced by the glans. The glans is located at the tip of the male copulation (penis). Smegma is smelly because it accumulate with bacteria (singular: bacterium) , sweat etc. . This is why foreskin is removed because of hygienic reasons because the penis will be easy to clean. The removal of foreskin is called "circumcision".

Should smegma be washed off?

Unless you want your penis to smell very bad you should wash every day.

Why do you get smegma?

Smegma is a natural lubricant produced by the human body in both males and females to facilitate intercourse

What are the function of smegma?

smegma is whitish/yellowish epithelium cells + dead skin cells that form beneath the foreskin of the penis in most cases, smegma is considered a natural yet a disease with odor.. secreting too much smegma should checked out, however normal secretion of smegma is thought to help in sexual activity as it act as a lubricant, however this function is debatable.

What is is smegma?

Generally, smegma is something most commonly associated with uncircumsized men that is a substance found under the foreskin. It is a white substance that varies from white and filmy to 'cheesy' and thick. Smegma has also been referred to as 'head cheese' or 'cheesy dick.' Smegma has an unpleasant odor, some have compared it to the smell of rotten fish. Smegma is nothing more than the build up of dead skin and secretions of the urethra and glans, as well as urine (and semen residue if the male is old enough and sexually active) deposits trapped under the foreskin. If anything it is a sign that the penis has not been washed... in a while. Smegma is the number one sign that an uncircumcised (uncut) male is not properly washing his penis. If the foreskin is not pulled back, exposing the head (glans) and washed with mild soap and warm water, the secretions will build up, trapped under the foreskin and resemble a thick cheese type appearance. If an uncircumcised man has good hygiene, bathes regularly and pulls back his foreskin and washes his penis properly smegma will not be present. Over the years smegma has been thought of as a 'constant' or 'standard' thing with all uncircumcised (uncut) males. That all men with foreskin have smegma. While this is not completely true, it's not completely false. A more accurate statement is that uncircumcised men are more likely to have smegma under their foreskin than men who are circumcised.

Is smegma cheesy?

, yes smegma is a rather tasty form of cheese formed by the recticule, known as the penis in some countrys such as France children give their smegma to their mother for a rather tastefull omelate.

Is it ok for smegma to be yellow?


PLEASE ANSWER- Can Smegma on a toilet seat contain HIV AIDS?

Smegma is not a bodily fluid known to transmit HIV.

Who was the founder of cheese?

T.j. Smegma

Can halobetasol used for smegma?