Does every guy have pre nut?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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yes, at least my dad does...............

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Q: Does every guy have pre nut?
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How old are you when you pre-ejaculate?

Sometime during puberty. Not every guy produces it. There is no set time, everyone is different.

The goddess Nut swallows what every evening?

goddess Nut Swallows RA

Does a guy know when he pre cums?


My friend said he doesnt pre-ejaculate Do all guys pre-ejaculate or do some not Is it just very light so you cant tell?

Every guy pre cums and you can definitly get pregnant by him. Hes a liar, and just wants in your pants. Dont listen to him. make him wear a condom. Unless you want a baby.

How do you know if a guy has pre-ejaculation?

when it taste like Gatorade

If a guy pre-cums inside a women can she get pregnant?


What does it mean to oversee every nut and bolt of your creation?

If you oversee every nut and bolt of your creation, it basically means that you are paying attention to every single detail, even the very small ones, in order to make your creation as perfect as possible.

Does every guy have different approaches towards a girl or every guys approaches are the same?

every guy has a different approach

Can you love a guy in a pre-teen relationship I think I do.?

well, yeah!

Can a guy know if he pre-cums?

Usually, no (unless he's masturbating).

Is sweetcorn a nut?

NO its not its a vegtable that most people eat every day!

How can you get to be the guy every girl wants to be with?

You can't. Not every female wants the same things in a guy.