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Sometimes, with depression, it depends on how chronic the level of depression is before medicine and therapy come into place. In most cases, a doctor will either prescribe an anti-depressant or refer you to a therapist.

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Q: Does depression really require medicine
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Can taking depression medication without being depressed cause problems?

You shouldn't take any medicine if you don't need it. Also why would you be taking depression medicine if you don't have depression? You need to talk to your doctor about why you are taking it, and if you really need it or not.

What medicine helps depression?


Dose proactive really work?

Yes, Proactive works for many people, however some people require prescription medicine.

Is it safe to try to treat depression with natural treatments?

Yes, Fighting depression naturally is alot safer then taking a whole coaktail of medicine. Find a hobbie you really like, go out with friends more, do whatever it is that makes you happy.

Do doctors of internal medicine treat nerve problems and depression?

Nerve problems would probably be best treated by a neurologist and depression can be treated by a psychiatrist, a family physician, or an internal medicine physician, but a psychiatrist might be the way to go for depression.

Is the US truly in a depression?

Not Really, we are in a recession but not a depression.

How much ECT is used to treat depression?

Patients with depression usually require six to 12 treatments

Who discovered depression?

Hippocrates a Greek physician known as 'Father of Medicine'

What does depression really do to someone?

Depression is caused by a variety of chemical imbalances in the brain. It makes people feel really, really sad.

Subsyndromal depression is a condition in which an individuals symptoms?

Subsyndromal depression is a condition in which an individuals shows signs of depression but not severe enough to require a diagnosis and treatment.

Does studying cardiology require studying medicine?

Yes, studying cardiology requires studying medicine.

What is divalproex sod 250 mg?

This is a manic depression medicine. For biopolar disorder.