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personally, i would say a tree limb fell onto it while it was sitting in the driveway. but if you have full coverage through a good insurance company, such as geico or allstate, it should.

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Q: Does car insurance cover damage to car caused by garage door?
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Does homeowners insurance cover garage door damage?

Yes, homeowners insurance will cover garage door damage. You may want to look at your policy to find out what your deductible is. If the deductible is more than the cost of the repair to the door, it would not be beneficial to file a claim.

Does car insurance cover damage caused by a siezed engine?

No. Insurance does not cover mechanical problems.

Does home owners insurance cover water damage caused by the neighbor?


Should homeowners insurance cover cars in garage fire?

No, unfortunately it does not. Your homeowners insurance covers damage to your home. Your auto insurance covers damage to your car.

If your fence has termite damage and needs to be replaced will insurance cover it?

No, they will not cover it. However, if a gust of wind knocks it down, then they will cover the fence. Insurance does not cover damage caused by insects.

What doesn't home insurance cover?

er damage caused by windows

Does insurance cover damage caused by bursting pipes?

Heck Yeah UNLESS your policy does not cover it

Does homeowners insurance cover a garage door that was hit be a friends vehicle and his vehicle?

Your homeowners insurance will cover your garage door subject to your deductible since it is part of your house. Your Home insurance does not cover damage to a vehicle though. That's what Auto insurance is for. Your friend will need to contact his auto insurance to fix his vehicle.

Does Garage Keepers Insurance cover non-collision damage to vehicle specifically engine failure due to diesel runaway?

No, it would not cover damage of that nature. Garage Keepers insurance provides protection in case a vehicle is damaged by fire, theft, vandalism or collision.

Do allstate insurance deluxe policy cover damage caused by raccoons?


Foremost insurance cover inside the home damage caused by sewer backup?


Does your insurance cover you if a storm caused roof tiles to damage your car?

It should but you need to specify which insurance you have.