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Yes... she died of cancer... earlier her mam made an ambulance come and give her a second opinion because she didn't want belle to die .. belle lets everyone see her and gives Geoff her car keys.. Annie gets belle's camera and Nicole get the necklace Aden gave her ... then Rachel helps Aden get belle out of hospital because she knew she didn't have long left. After she gets out you see her and Aden sitting on a bench then she says "lets go for a walk" but then Aden carries belle home because she was to weak. She then talks to her mam and her mam says "I'm sorry about today but i just wanted to help and be a good mam but i know its to late" then belle says "no its ok mam i love you" Her and Aden go to bed she tells him she loves him and he crys... then the next morning he wakes up and finds belles dead... i was crying me eyes out when this happened :( i wish they could pretend it was a dream and shes ok :(

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Q: Does belle die on home and away?
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When does belle die in home and away?

11th august i think

Does Aiden die on home and away?

No, He doesn't but belle does from a rare form of cancer.

How old is belle in home and away?

Belle from home and aways real name is jessica tovey =)

Is Belle Taylor in Home and Away going to die in real life?

no because she has not got cancer in real life she dies in home and away because she wants to leave the program but not in real life.

Is belle pregnant in home and away?

Belles dead :( So she can't be pregnant.

Does belle come out of home and away?

Joe refuses to believe she is a lesbian so he says... No

How did Gina die off home and away 2013?

how did Gina die home and away 2013

What is the song in the Home and Away ad featuring Belle and Aden on 2-11th of August?

The Veronicas - Untouched

What happens next on home and away?

Belle gets pregnant with Miles baby and Roman marries Colleen

Does Martha die on Home and Away?

no Martha did not die on home and away. she left because she ran away with Hugo Jacks cousin because he was running away from the cops. she did have breast cancer but did not die as a result of this.

Does Dexter die in home and away?


What is the real name of the actress who plays Taylor in home and away?

the name of `taylor` also `belle taylor` is jessica tovey.