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intoxication results in the liver being overloaded with toxins to flush. Dehydration additionally deprives the kidneys of carrier fluid in which to carry those toxins, plus alcohol worsens that state. So arguably, dehydration could worsen the symptoms of intoxication.

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Q: Does being dehydrated before drinking make you more susceptible to intoxication?
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How does eating a meal before drinking affect a level of intoxication?

It can slow the rate at which alcohol is absorbed by the body.

Why do i get so dehydrated before bed?

The body does not always dehydrate at night. During times when one is sleeping and not drinking fluids this can cause a slight feeling of dehydration, but if it is excessive it is recommended one seek medical advice.

Can eating a big meal before drinking keep you from getting drunk?

No, food in your stomach only delays the absorption of alcohol into the bloodstream. A full stomach doesn't prevent the effects of alcohol or intoxication.

What happens if you stop drinking after one yr of drinking 2-3 beers a night?

you will become dehydrated and i tell you you cant survive for a yaer you wiil die before it ends. If you stop drinking after one year of drinking 2-3 beers a night, whatever happends afterwards depends on your future habits. .. You can only become dehydrated if you refuse to take in enough water, or, continue to consume so much alcohol, the associated dehydration is satisfied with yet more alcohol, such as with symptoms following a hangover.

Can you someone get arrested after being discharged from a hospital for intoxication?

Not if the cops were not involved before hand or while you were in the hospital.

What factors affect the level of intoxication?

If you eat a meal before alcohol consumption, you aren't affected as easily.

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Water quality before recycling may vary. After it is recycled for drinking then it is drinking water, potable, and fit to drink.

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