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Q: Does amu ever tell ikuto she loves him?
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When does Ikuto tell Amu he likes her?

Ikuto tells Amu he likes her in shugo chara episode 74!! He later says he "loves her" in chapter 43.

Who does amu love the most?

well amu doesnt really relize it but she loves ikuto the most i can tell ikuto loves her as well amu blushes everytime she sees ikuto and wen she sees tadasa she just acks normal there r tottaly an awsome couple no dout about it

What does ikuto mean to amu?

She loves him, but won't admit it to herself, although he does tell her he loves her in the end of the series.

Who does ikuto love?

Ikuto loves amu in the anime and does amu love him back? watch and find out! the anime is beautiful!!

Do amu and ikuto end up togethere?

yes they do but prince still loves amu.

Does Ikuto get Amu?

yes(he tells her he loves her)(i dunno wat episode tho)

Does tadase love amu?

Yes he does he told her in episode 74 in shugo chara and he said "will you let me love you". this is true but he admitted tht he only loves amulet heart so there is no true love in there ikuto and amu is where its at daaaa

Does amu love ikuto?

Yes,I saw the part where Ikuto is going to some where other than Japan,and Utau goes to Ikuto and said bye,but Amu is late and Amu go to the Airport and She meets Ikuto.They do some talk and Ikuto Says"I love you" and he K I S S E S Amu. OMFG u sure can u tell me wat episode that is

Does the amu ikuto ever open the humbty lock?

sadly, no.

Is there an episode where Ikuto and Amu open the lock in Shugo Chara?

No. He tried to open the lock. As u may tell the who ever possess the lock and key are soul mates. Amu was unsure for her feelings for ikuto. So the lock rejected the key.

Does amu tell ikuto she likes him in the manga?

yes in chapter 43 i think and they kiss but its only on the cheek and right after tadese confesses to amu, amu asks ikuto if he loves anybody and he tells her " you ;D "

Does ikuto and amu kiss?

yes but ikuto kisses amu on the cheek <3