Does alage clean water

Updated: 9/15/2023
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Q: Does alage clean water
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How do you get the alage out of the swimming pool water?

Clean the filter first; 24/7 fileration; superchlorination; adjusting the pH and Total Alkalinity to specs. When pool is crystal clean - clean the filter again, readjust chemistry, maintain 12 to 15 hrs of filtration thru the swimming season.

What type of single-celled alage are supported by nutrients in water and form the base of aquatic food webs?


Do freshwater fish like alage?

All freshwater fish don't mind alage at all. Many freshwater fish eat alage like plecos, and loaches. Which you can get at almost any pet store.

How does red alage move?

it cant

What is a sponges source of food?


Is alage a plant or aniamal?

A plant

What is the common name for cyanobacteia?

bulegreen alage

Alage sharks and coral are examples of what?


What do spotlight parrot fish eat?


What kingdom has alage?

Type your answer here... animalia

What is clean water?

clean water is when water is clean and there is no bacteria or bad stuff that can give you a infection.

Do alage photosynthzize?

Yes, and that is why it is being looked at as an alternative energy source.