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Q: Does a concussion go away on its own?
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Is it bad if your ears and nose bleed a little after concussion?

Go see a doctor right away. That's a pretty serious concussion in which massive head trauma had caused a hemorrhage in the brain, or in simpler terms, your brain may be bleeding.

What should you do if you have a concussion?

go to the doctor

Should you go to school tomorrow if you suffered a concussion?

if u know for sure its a concussion stay home=== === === ===

Can you paralyze?

only if you go to sleep when you have the concussion

What does it mean when you cough up blood during a concussion?

It means you need to go to the hospital. You have more than a concussion!

Why won't a post concussion head bump go away?

because it developed a cyst. I have one too. In time the cyst will solidify and can only be removed by a surgeon.

Can concussions paralyze you?

only if you go to sleep when you have the concussion

Can your brain tumor go away on it's own?

no. you tumor cannot go away on its own. you would probably need a neurosurgeon. sometimes they can be treated with radiation.

Is it possible that a Trojan virus will go away on its own?


How long does it take for a lump on the head to go away as this is on the forehead?

If a person has a lump on their forehead, they should see a doctor. This is especially true is the lump is not the result of an injury, but just suddenly appeared. If it is injury related, it should go away within a week. Going to the hospital will rule out a concussion.

Does leukemia go away on it's own?

Leukemia definitely does not go away on its own. If you know you have it and don't get treatment for it, you will eventually become very sick, that may lead to death.

Should your son play football after a concussion?

go for flag for a season