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HE, nor any other celebrities should be paid for promotional ads. If fact, they should be donating their TIME and MONEY! The amounts should be disclosed to the public. I want to donate but until I see proof the celebrities have donated, I won’t.

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Gayle Talerico

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3y ago
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Cathy Hildreth

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2y ago
I agree, I laugh because they are asking the poor to help, when even the celebrities do nothing
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Bion Mcveigh

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2mo ago
I'm on a 1300 dollar a month income and WW keeps asking for money.I'm also a vetran and it burns me up that these millionairs keep trying to stck money out of the poor ! it's the poor that made them rich
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9y ago

There are conflicting reports regarding Trace Adkins getting paid for participating in Wounded Warriors commercials. One source states that $280,000 for participation and others saying he donated his time.

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William Bus

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2y ago

The Government should regulate any charitable organizations claiming to help veterans. In fact, it should be the President and the Congresses responsibility to take care of our veterans.

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Marolyn Scott

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5mo ago

i want to give to wounded warriors, but like others I wiil not give until i find out if Trace Adkins is paid a large amount for appearing on advertisement for the progect

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Q: Does Trace Adkins get paid by wounded warriors?
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As is common with so many who promote the military and military service, Trace Adkins chose not to enlist and serve in the military. While he promotes Wounded Warriors, there is no information as to whether or not he's contributed to them, is being paid by them, or is volunteering his services.

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what answer,,I want to know how much these celebrities get paid for doing these commercials and you won't tell me,,so no contributions from

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