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well ..yeah .. she likes jihoo .. but i think .. she like junpyo for most ...^^ :-D

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Q: Does JanDi like JiHoo from boys before flowers?
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What episode of boys before flowers did jandi and take wedding picture for a contest?

episode 21 ^^

What does the name Jandi mean?

The girl's name Jandy is a variant of 'Jana' (Hebrew), and it means ''God's grace''.If you mean Jandi from Boys over flowers,, you know how jun pyo called her patch of grass? well Jandi means grass.

What is JanDi's real name from boys over flowers?

i relly don't know , please is there unybody to help me and tell me what's the real name of jim jandiii

Shows like Boys Over Flowers?

My favorates like Boys Over Flowers include: Coffee Prince- kind of slow at first, but really good. You're Beutiful- Male character is a lot like Goo Joon Pyo Playful Kiss- Male character play JiHoo in BOF

Is boys over flowers and boys before flowers same drama?

Yes. The titles are just translated differently.

What kind of play is boys before flowers?


What is another name used in the TV series Boys Before Flowers?

Boys Before Flowers is a Korean drama that can also go by two different names. One is Boys over Flowers and the second is by it's Japanese name Hana Yori Dango.

Where can you watch boys before flowers epsodes?

What is the Korean name of Boys Before Flowers?

꽃보다 남자, or Kgotboda Namja

Where can watch boys before flowers episode 25 finale?

You can watch the finale on (:

When was Boys Over Flowers created?

Boys Over Flowers was created in 2005.

How download music of boys before flowers?

try this link