Does Gamestop still sell PS1 games?

Updated: 9/18/2023
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From what I can see they only carry PSP, PS2, & PS3 PlayStation games. I could not get any PS1 games to come up on a GameStop search. (see related link) still has a number of PlayStation games for sale( see related links)

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Q: Does Gamestop still sell PS1 games?
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Do they still sell PS1 games?

PlayStation store will sell or give downloads of some PS1 games for the PS3

Do they still make ps1 games?


All to GameStop. Thanks. How much money would I get if I sold a PS2 with 8 games to game stop And How much money would I get if I sold a PS1 with 3 controllers and about 30 games and 3 memory cards?

I don't think they buy PS1 anymore at gamestop

How much does Gamestop pay you for a ps1?

They are not likely to even make an offer for the 1994 released console whose games are playable on newer consoles

How much money would gamestop give you for your sony PS1?

They do not purchase a PS1

Does game stop still sell PS1 consoles?

no they don't

Can you play ps1 games on ps2 system?

No. Even if the title can be played on a PS2 it is still a PS1 game and is not converted to PS2 because it can still play on a PS1 you can play playstation one games on the ps2 and you can play ps2 games on a ps1 .i known because i have done this before

How much is a playstation 1 console worth to sell with a memory card and two controllers no games?

They are pretty old and out of date. Both the PS2 and PS3 play the PS1 games. It has no value to me at all. Maybe someone would want it, but Gamestop will not touch it.

Are playstation 1 games hard to find?

Not necessarily. They're easy to find on the internet, like on Amazon or eBay. Some stores that sell used games still carry PS1 games.

Are game shark still on sale?

I still remember Games Sharks, I don't think it's still on sale in stores. Was that for PS1 only? I think, if you still have PS1 cd's, you can play it on your computer, there's a lot of PS1 emulators. And there are lot's of Virtual Game Sharks made for PS1 emulators.

How many games can you turn in at Gamestop?

You can turn in as many as you want. If you have like 50 of them though than they might not let you. I also know that they dont take ps1 games.

How much would gamestop buy your PS1 for?

I do not think they would purchase it