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no not yet, it is something that Monique is working on....

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Q: Does Comedian Monique have a clothing line of her own?
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Does Cheryl Cole have her own clothing line?

no, but she has a shoes line.

Do gucci mane have his own clothing line?


Does Bella Thorne have her own clothing line?

As of 10/25/13, Bella Thorne does not have her own clothing line. However, she told 'Twist' magazine that she would be interested in making a clothing line for young, teenage girls.

Does Amy lee have her own clothing line?

there is a clothing line called "Amy lee" but this is not the own personal desgins of THE Amy lee from Evanescence, its a different one.

Does Raven Symone have her own clothing line?

No Dummies

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Yes, Justin Beiber has his own clothing line.

What are some unused clothing line names?

One way to come up with unused clothing line names is to incorporate your own name into the clothing line's name. In addition to your own name add a descriptive word that means clothing. For example, Jim Smith Clothing Designs, or Jane Doe Threads.

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First to launch her own clothing line, Twiggy was also the very first supermodel. She launched a line of clothing known as â??Twiggy Dressesâ?? in Munich, Germany in 1968. At the height of her career, Twiggy was so famous she had her own Barbie Doll.

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In 2007,she teamed with Steve & Barry's to launch her own fashion clothing line EleVen

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Amy Winehouse

What does do?

She is a profesional tennis player and has her own clothing line.

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No. But they do have their own unique styles of clothing which you can see on their paramore website. They do sell jackets and hoodies and accessories on their website but they don't have an official clothing line.