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first of all what is ASA

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Q: Do you use ASA in coronary vascular disease?
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When can you use table wine for cooking wine in a recipe?

True cooking wine is often denatured with a bucket load of salt, so you are better off using regular wine in all cases, unless you would like to die of coronary or vascular disease at a young age.

What are negative aspects of nicotine use?

Chronic use of nicotine may cause an acceleration of coronary artery disease, hypertension, reproductive disturbances, esophageal reflux, peptic ulcer disease, fetal illnesses and death, and delayed wound healing.

How can a doctor use CRP levels to assess further risk to a patient who already has heart disease?

In patients already suffering from heart disease, doctors can use CRP levels to determine which patients are at high risk for recurring coronary events.

Can coronary artery disease be treated with probucol?

Although antioxidants such as vitamin C, beta-carotene, and probucol show promising results, they are not recommended for routine use.

How do you use coronary in a meaningful sentence?

A coronary is an artery that surrounds the heart. A good sentence would be, the doctor discovered her coronary was clogged.

Can coronary artery disease be treated with beta-carotene?

Although antioxidants such as vitamin C, beta-carotene, and probucol show promising results, they are not recommended for routine use.

Can coronary artery disease be treated with vitamin C?

Although antioxidants such as vitamin C, beta-carotene, and probucol show promising results, they are not recommended for routine use.

Can hormone replacement therapy cause heart disease?

the Women's Health Initiative (WHI) released information in 2002 and 2003 showing that use of combined hormones (estrogen and progestin) is harmful in women who already have coronary artery disease.

How do you use vascular in a sentence?

You can see a celery's vascular tubes.

What plant did the beothuks use for medicine?


Causes and Symptoms of Coronary Artery Disease?

Coronary heart disease has become a silent killer of both men and women across the globe. In America alone, over half a million people die from the disease each year. Other countries are experiencing a rise of deaths as well, particularly Europe. Coronary heart disease, also referred to as coronary artery disease, kills more folks around the globe than any other disease. While this used to be a disease that affects those middle-aged and older, there has been a drastic rise in cases of those much younger contracting the disease. In fact, symptoms of coronary heart disease can be detected in a child as young as ten years old. Coronary heart disease progresses very slowly. A poor diet and lack of exercise are directly related to the onset of coronary artery disease. Other poor habits, including smoking and drug use, can contribute to coronary heart disease as well. The walls of an artery are very strong, but have the potential to become irritated easily. Arteries are irritated by fat buildup, cholesterol buildup, toxic buildup and cell debris. Toxic buildup in cells due to smoking can lead to cell debris. Fat and cholesterol buildup occurs by eating a poor diet. When these damaging substances pass through the arteries, small amounts of them stick to the walls of the arteries. Overtime, the artery will become more narrow. Eventually, the artery will clog up. Most folks are not aware that their arteries are slowly clogging due to their food and lifestyle choices. By the time the person suffering from coronary heart disease starts to get symptoms, the artery is already significantly blocked. In this case, a doctor may recommend bypass surgery. This surgery is designed to remove blockages in the heart so that the blood flow of the heart can return to normal. Single, Double, Triple and Quadruple bypass surgeries will be recommended depending on how many chambers of the heart have arteries that are blocked. Every organ and muscle in the body needs a continuous supply of blood to function normally. The heart is no different. The job of the coronary artery is to continuously feed the heart enriching blood. When the heart is not getting enough blood, the result is a heart attack. Symptoms that you may have coronary heart disease include chest palpitations, chest pains, chest pressure, heart pain and shortness of breath. Anyone experiencing these symptoms likely have coronary heart disease and should seek help immediately.

What are some medicines that use plants?

ASA(or Aspirin) is made from willow bark. However, ASA has chemical additives, that is why it is considered a drug.