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Yes. You would put quotation marks around the name of a game.


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Q: Do you put quotation marks around a name of a game?
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Are company names underlined or do you put quotation marks around them?

Company names are not underlined, nor are quotation marks put around them. They are written as normal proper nouns unless there are underlines or quotation marks in the name itself.

Do you write the name of a TV series in quotation marks or in italics?

Quotation Marks

When painting a girls name on a boat - can you put quotation marks around it for emphasis?

Quotation marks never indicate emphasis. I would leave them off names.

Do you put quotation marks around a dog's name when referring to him in a story?

no you don't

Do you use quotation marks around a business name?

No, not unless the business name is in a published book.

Should in Toto be in quotation marks when used in a sentence?

You do not put a name such as Toto or Dorothy in quotation marks when used in a sentence. You put the name of a movie, book, or a quote in quotation marks when you use them in a sentence.

Why is the function arguments putting quotation marks around your value if true text in Excel?

Text has to be in quotation marks. If it isn't, it is treated as being the name of something, like a name that has been defined for a range of cells.

Do you put quotation marks around a newsletter name?

No. A newsletter would be either underlined or italicized.

What is the name for the ' ' symbol?

those are quotation marks

A woman in the fairy tale Petronella demands the same rights as men Do you underline or put quotation marks around Petronella?

You would not need to use quotation marks or need to underline Petronella. It is her name.

When you are writing a report and using the name of a book in the report is the book name in quotation marks?

No, you underline it. By the way, movie titles are in italics, and songs are in quotation marks.

Do you put the name of a musical production in quotation marks?

Musicals are either underlined or italicized. Individual songs from a musical would be surrounded by quotation marks.