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No but you do have to die.


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Q: Do you need mp to use resurrection if your a paladin adventure quest?
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Where do you buy the paladin armor from on the PC game Adventure Quest Worlds?

you need to be lvl 10 in warrior and healer and then go to artix in the inn in swordhaven

Is paladin class members or non members on adventure quest worlds?

No, Paladin is not members, you need rank 10 Warrior and Healer rank 10. you can change class in battleon like me, The sun57! GOOD LUCK!

How can you unlock the shop in artix inn in adventure quest worlds in swordhaven in easy way?

you need to get rank 10 warrior and rank 10 healer. And if you open the shop you can buy crimson paladin but mem only. and if you get that rank 10 warrior and healer you can get paladin.

Is paladin upgrade for adventure quest worlds?

Yes it is believed to be even though I have neve seen the shop. Just so u know you need to be a rank 10 healer and warrior first

How do you get paladin class in adventure quest worlds?

You need: Warlord/Warrior Healer/Acolyte Both Rank 10! I prefer ranking up on Tercessuinotlim [Miltonius Secret] because i rank up fast there.

Type's of cheat engine you need for adventure quest?

The Engine I use For Adventure Quest is Cheat Engine v.5.3

How do you use forums in Adventure Quest?

You need to be a guardian.

How do I get the moss in Alina'a Quest on Adventure Quest Worlds?

You need to complete the 3rd quest, that will give you the moss for the 4th quest.

How do you get paladin amour in Dragon Fable?

you need a undead slayer badge which you can get from the first 3 quest at Artix the you need to click 'become a paladin' and click the wear armour button but u must have the undead slayer badge

Where can you get a pet dragon in adventure quest?

you need to be a member to buy it

Can you train as a Samurai in Adventure Quest?

no need its just a suit.

Can you get invincibility on adventure quest?

yes,but you need a trainer do do this cheat