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Q: Do you have to remove shroud to change cluth fan 2000 dodge Dakota?
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How do you change the flywheel on a 1994 Ford Ranger slt with a 5-Sp manual transmission?

support rear of engine. remove drive shaft. remove transmission. remove cluth. remove fly wheel. reinstall is exact opposite of removal

How do you change the automatic cluth on a 1993 Dodge Colt?

no such thing as automatic clutch!!

1997 2.3 motor ford ranger has very little cluth. Is it the cluth inself or the hydrolics that work the cluth?

When you push the clutch pedal in , it is the hydraulic system that operates the clutch slave cylinder that disengages the clutch disc

What is the easies way to change a water pump on 7.3 ford diesel F350?

water pump on 7.3 diesel is the easiest pump to change on and engine remove serpentine belt remove bottom radiator hose at radiator this will dump coolant so prolly put a pan under vehicle to catch coolant remove both radiator and heater hoses from water pump remove fan and fan clutch from water pump note fan cluth is left hand thread u can remove fan without removing radiator shroud remove water pump from engine block,and from meomory u will need a 10 mil socket to remove this clean old gasket, etc from where pump mounts change out any plugs and fittings from old pump to new pump install new pump with new gasket to finish just reassemble all you took off note: to refill radiator,fill thru overflow bottle not thru radiator cap if there is a radiator cap

How do you remove the radiator from a mercury mountaineer 5.0L V8?

okay. first is no very easy but i replace one a ready. they have two clips on the upper and lower side (driver side) of radiator. second one more clip on the pass side(lower of radiator) unlock the clip and slide the radiator to the driver side. is the only way to replace this part. first remove fan cluth for that you need a special tool. onse you remove fan cluth you can remove the rest. becaruful, you need time for this. last time i spend 6 hours. good luck.

What would make cluth fluid from manual S10 Pickup keep disappearring along with the clutch pedal pressure and the ability to change gears?

Something in the system is leaking.

How do you replace your cluth of your vw jetta 1997 GT?

if cluth sleep you need to chek your cable first cuz it may be over adjusting stucking the pressure plate release

How do you remove the fan clutch from 93 suburban theres no nut on shaft?

the fan clutch is attached with one large nut that is part of the clutch assembly .NOTE the the cluth has LEFT HAND thread.

Where is the ac compressor cluth located in the truck?

in front of the comp

Your clutch has been replaced and you are not getting any pressure on your clutch pedal how on a 1991 Chevy Cheyenne 454 how do you fix it?

if the clutch is hydraulic operated, bleed the cluth if it is mechanical cluth, adjust the linkages

Is it hard to change the torque converter in a 1994 Deville Concourse Should this be left to a shop?

If you have to ask this question it would probably be best to leave it to a shop. It's not hard just hard work. It's bolted to the engine flywheel just like a cluth plate. Do you have the tools and all to remove the transmission and possibly the engine to get to the convertor?

How do you replace a cluth slave cylinder on a 1985 Nissan 720 4x4 ST model?

remove 2 bolts holding it on,then replace, follow line back to bleeder valve,bleed,then bleed at slave cylinder