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No. It is free(of course, you will need some hard drive space).

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Q: Do you have to pay to play multiplayer on WolfQuest?
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How much money do you have to pay a month to play wolfquest?

WolfQuest is a free game, you don't have to pay anything to play.

Can you be a pup in multiplayer on wolfquest episode 2?

No. You are unable to play the role of a pup in WolfQuest either in single player or mutli-player.

How do you get multiplayer on wolfquest?

Contrary to popular belief, you do not need to complete WolfQuest to unlock multiplayer. The feature is available immediately after installing the game-- to play, you will need to have registered an account on the community forums in order to login and play with other members of WolfQuest. (See the provided sources / related links.)

Can you be an expecting she-wolf in WolfQuest Multiplayer?

Sort of. You can pretend you are in RP (Role Play). You can't actually have pups in multiplayer though.

Does anyone play multiplayer on wolfquest?

yes, sometimes theres lots of people online.

Do you have to pay for wolfquest2.5?

No, WolfQuest is free to download and play.

How do you get multi player mode in Wolfquest?

When you open WolfQuest, you may click on "multiplayer".

Will you be able to be a pup on multiplayer in the new WolfQuest?

No you will be unable to play the role of a pup in single player or multi-player.

Are there any other games like Wolfquest where you be a wolf that is downloadable online and 3D?

YES! There is FeralHeart You get a mate, and it's all multiplayer. but it's like wolfquest you have to create an account on the site or you Can't play! but on the animals... your choice Wolf or lion. best of all you can chat! so it's like wolfquest's multiplayer side.

Can you turn into the pup on the 2nd WolfQuest?

No, it is not possible to play as pups in single player or multiplayer. Keep in mind that WolfQuest is a realistic and educational game. There would not be much to do during this life stage.

Can you go to the Cattle Ranch in multiplayer in WolfQuest?

No, you can't.

Why won't wolfquest save?

in single it will but in multiplayer it won't.