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You may have to pay damages if it can be shown that you were negligent in letting your dog run loose.

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Q: Do you have to pay for damages if your dog is hit by a car?
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If someone hit car in front of it and that car hits another car in front of it who going to pay for the damages to the car?

the car that that did the original striking will pay for all damages.

Does NY state pay for your damages when you hit a deer?

The state of NY is not going to pay for damages to your car if you hit a deer. You need to make a police report and contact your car insurance agent.

What type of insurance will pay for damages if you hit a tree?

car insurance

If I was in a 3 car accident and An uninsured motorist hit the car in front of me does the second vehicle who has insurance and then hit my car become responsible for my damages?

The owner of the car that caused your damages will be responsible to pay damages to you unless you live in a no-fault state. In that case, your insurance pays for your damages.

If a car hit me from the back who suppose pay for damages for your car?

95% of the time, if a person hits you from the back its their fault. So their insurance company will have to pay for their damages to your vehicle and body.

What if someone hit you would the lender of your car pay for the damages if you had no insurance?


What if you dont have collison coverage and you hit a cow?

Than you have to pay for the damages of your car.

My car was hit while being parked do i have to have insurance for it to be fixed Or does the person that hit my car insurance pay for the damages?

The other person pays.

If a uninsured car is parked and hit by an insured car will the insured cars insurance company pay for damages?

Only if the insured car was at fault.

Does your plpd insurance cover the damages to a car that you hit?

I am assuming that you are making up some abbreviation by using the plpd. The part of the policy that would pay for the damages to the car you hit if it was your fault would be Property Damage Liability Coverage.

Your car was hit while parked and they left no note will your insurance pay for this?

If you have full coverage on your car, then your insurance should pay. But if all you have is liability insurance, then no, it won't pay to fix your car. But there is a chance that your uninsured motorists coverage will pay for the damages, if you have it.

Your parked car was hit will the at fault drivers insurance cover damages?

If you know who hit your car, and they have insurance, then, yes, they should pay for it, so long as you were not parked illegally. Let YOUR insurance company handle this for you. That's what you pay them for.