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Q: Do you grow taller when sleeping?
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Does sleeping with your legs stretched out help you grow taller?

No. Position while sleeping does not affect growth.

When you grow taller will your legs become thinner?

No. Position while sleeping does not affect growth

Do naps make you taller?

Not really, though people grow faster when sleeping than awake.

Is it possible to grow taller by stretching?

no its not. but whenever you have the hiccups then that means your are growing, u also grow when you are sleeping but u never know.

How can you grow taller quick?

You can also grow much taller by making sure you increase your milk intake by three MORE cups than usual. Also a proven fact by surgens, doctors, and scientist is that you will grow a lot taller by sleeping in pitch black. Absolutely NO lights.

Does sleeping on your back make you taller?

No, it does not

How do you grow taller in 2 month?

How we grow taller 4 months

Is there any way for a 30 year old man to grow taller?

Smaller to taller is a site that specializes in making people taller naturally by up to 3 inches. They show how by following a detailed exercise program and specific sleeping patterns that are scientifically proven to slowly make people taller.

If your still growing how do you grow taller?

You can't grow taller than what your DNA determines.

Does sleeping make you tall?

Yes sleeping does help you to grow taller. This is because during sleep the pituitary gland produces and releases the growth hormone into the bloodstream. The growth hormone cause the bones to become stronger and lengthen.

Can grow taller pills help someone get taller?


When does your body get taller?

your body start to get taller when you grow!