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Its not usually the same exact time or even day. It is usually some time in the same week.

The same amount of days between, yes.

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Q: Do you get your period the same time each month?
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Does your period start the first day of every month?

Not necessarily. The start date of your period can vary based on your individual cycle length, which is typically around 28 days but can vary from person to person. It is not always on the first day of the month. Tracking your menstrual cycle can help you predict when your period will arrive each month.

When you get on birth control what will it do to your period?

usually you will start the pill the Sunday after your period begins. this will regulate your period so you will get it about the same time each month

Are females period around the same time each month?

Yes, more or less. It's more coincidence really.

Do you get your period at the end of the month?

You can get your period at ANY time of the month.

Can you still get your period the same times of the month after not using the nuva ring?

When you stop using the Nuva Ring, the timing of your cycle may change. You may or may not keep getting your period at the same time of the month.

Period came early one month then period came late the next month then period came early the next month what is going on?

Your ovulation is from one side each month, and each ovary runs on its own cycle. Usually they match and you get your period at the same time each month. This means that if your period is every 30 days, your right ovary drops an ovule (egg) this month. 30 days from now, your left ovary will drop one. 90 days from now your right ovary will activate again and drop an ovule. And so forth. However, if one month you ovulate early, meaning you get your period early a few days, the next month you will ovulate on your original schedule on the opposite side, which means that period will feel late to you, when in reality it is running on its own proper schedule.

Why do you and your daughter take turns on your period?

its not always like that... my mom and i sometime have it on the same time in the month...

What does Tom stand?

Time of the month. Time of month. = a period.

What is the term for 'people who live in the same time time period'?

They are contemporaries of each other.

Do you ovulate at the exact same time every month with a regular period... Is is possible to be a few days early or late with regards to ovulation?

Most women do not ovulate on the same day each month but rather around the same day. There is a very easy way to learn when you ovulate. See related link.

How long does it take to have your period once a month?

Well, you just answered your own question, once a month, you have your period. it usually will be in the same time as you started, For Ex: if you started Aug. 1st, then you next period will be around Sep. 1st.

Can periods occur at any time of the month or do they have to be around the same time each month?

Every woman is a little different in this matter, but the average is about 28 days. That's not quite one calendar month, so a woman's periods will generally NOT correspond with the same day of each 30- or 31-day calendar month.