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Yes. A lot of teenage girls get vaccinated with Gardasil.

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Q: Do you feel Gardasil is a safe drug for teenage girls?
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Why do teenage boys not show how they feel about teenage girls?

theyre afraid of rejection.

Does the third gardasil shot hurt?

They all feel the same.

Why mostly teenage girls like to sneeze a lot?

I think they want to attract attention to all the males around them. Because teenage girls want all males to see their appearances and teenage girls also want to feel some sexiness of the girls aroma. That's the reason why girls nowadays are absolutely irritating compare to last time.

Are teenage girls more depressed than boys?

Often girls feel more pressured and expected to make a bigger effort than boys. Many teenage girls feel they need to watch their body and looks (make-up, weight, clothes, etc.) more than boys do. Additionally girls have to learn to deal with their body's natural cycle. As such there could indeed be a greater tendency towards depression for teenage girls compared to boys of the same age.

How do guys take advantage of teenage girls?

Most teenage girls haven't been in a serious relationship so guys will take advantage by manipulating them into thinking everything they feel or say is wrong. Guys will date younger girls because they are dumb and haven't had the head games yet so therefore men can make them feel that they can't do better and make them feel they are the one. My advice is to date but not date seriously until you know who you are and what you want.

Do teenage girls wear diapers?

Teenage girls only wear diapers when they unselfconscious about themselves and they feel the need to go to the powder room and there isn't one available. Yes, it is perfectly normal for a teenage girl to wear a diaper, if not she will, unfortunately, wet herself. also if a teenagers spine is not functioning Then not only do their legs not function but they have a uncontrollable bladder as well in that case they need a diaper.

When do teenage girls start liking guys their own age?

That other guy is right. Age is just a number but the age when it would feel rightf for me to start kissing alot would be 14-15 and on... idk im not u but around 13 girls start to feel certain passion and affection for guys or girls.

Why do older teenage boys date younger teenage girls?

Because teenage girls like older boys. Because they think that they can get into girls pants easier. Well, really teenage females feel older boys know more about the female anatomy than perhaps guys their own age, and they also see it as a thrill just like boys would say if their girlfriend were older. Wouldn't you brag about it? I would. And the fact is that most teenage boys don't feel like older girls are as sexually attracted to them as younger girls are. Perhaps older girls have a way of hiding their feelings about younger guys because they feel they would be an out case in their peer group. It's all about trying new things, you know? -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Girl's Answer: Because the guys probly know by now that girls like mature guys and so they'll pick older ones faster than their age or younger. Basically, the girl is more likely to say yes to the guy if he's older. ----------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Girls like the feeling of being with an older guy. Girls tend to go for older guys because most guys are too immature for girls if they are the same age. The only bad thing girls get out of it, is that they try to be cool and get into sexual things at a young age.

How do you 13 14 15 year old boys feel about girls calling you?

well i have one thing to say.... the best things for us teenage boys is.... VAGINA

I think I am straight but I can imagine kissing a girl am I gay?

Assuming that you are a girl in your early teens, this is in no way evidence of being gay. Sociologists say that it is normal for teenage girls to feel attracted, at least in a superficial way, to other girls.

How do you purpose a girl for sex?

You can purpose or just allow it to happen. Feel around for availability and whatever you do, do not force it. If you are mature, women should be more receptive than teenage girls.

Can bisexuality be a stage in a teenage girl?

Yes it can be a stage in many teenage girls i went threw it but it doesn't happen to all girls. If u think u might be bi then u should experiment with it if u like being with both sexs then u are but when u get older u might not feel the same way as u did when u were younger so be prepared for any changes u might feel about what sex u like....